How to choose the best lash extension glue


How to choose the best lash extension glue

eyelash extension glue two key features: dry time and retention time

0.5s-EG03 , 1S-EG04 glue, 1-2s EG02, 2S-EG01

Eyelash extension glue dry speed effected by your area room humidity 

recommended humidity of the lash room is 45-60%

If your room humidity is higher than 60%, any type of glue dry speed will be faster than labeled speed.

If your room humidity is less than 40%, dry speed will be slower.

So you need know the humidity of your room, then chose the fit glue.

The temperature effect is less than humidity to glue

Our recommended temperature is 22-26 degree, if your room temperature is very high, like higher than 40 degrees, the glue will be faster than labeled 


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