Eyelash Extension Primer

15ml per bottle

OEM service available

Scent: Original and Aloe

Sample order available

Useful item as a helper for making glue stronger. 

Prevent chlorosis and keep the lashes staying longer.

Don't worry about drying hour,it is a volatile substance.



  1. 1.Primer is a specially developed product designed  to improve the bonding strength between false and natural eyelashes .I is particularly effective for PBT fiber(eyelashes extension materials),significantly enhancing their adhesion.
    2.The primer both activates and cleans the surface of eyelash extensions ,removing dust,oil,and other impurities.This ensures a strong and long lasting bond between the false and natural eyelashes,extend the longevity of eyelashes extensions.


  1. Before doing eyelash extension, spray the primer to taise eyelashes.

  2. it woud be dried immediately and take some glue on the part.(Use it with small amount)

  3. Carefully take the eyelashes one by one.

Caution:  Please don't mix and store with glue. It caused drying glue.


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