Lash Foam Cleaner

Lash foam Cleaner is a oil-free ,Tear Free formula, eyelash extension cleaning foam is very safe and gentle for daily use around the eye area. 

Used eyelash shampoo foam before eyelashes extension, it cleans and removes any make-up, grime or sweat residues. 

Make better adhesive bonding. Use eyelash foam cleanser shampoo as daliy care to keep your lashes clean and healthy without irritating, harming. 

Our eyelash shampoo can keep your eyelash extensions perfectly cleansed, hydrated and moisturised, without effecting the adhesive bonds.

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1. Shake well before use.

2. Apply a small amount to eyelashes, leave in for a moment, gently massage foam with cleansing brush.

3. Remove gently with water or make up cleaning pads,and pat dry lightly.


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