UV Eyelash Extension Glue

  1. Oil & water resistant
    Volume: 5ml
    Drying Time: 1 second
    Humidity: Irrelevant
    Room temperature: Irrelevant
    Vapors: Barely existent
    Retention: 7-8weeks
    Color: Transparent
    Shelf life unopened: 6 months
    Shelf life after opening: 1-2months (without contact with light/daylight/UV light)
    Suitable for: Professional Eyelash Extensions Use


Hold the UV light on the glue spot for approx 1 seconds without letting go of the extension/fans. The eyelash glue is cured immediately.

Water can be immediately on the eyelashes no need to wait.
We recommend wearing UV protection glasses.
We recommend using the Matte Adhesive/Glue Ring
Crystal base easily reflects light and accelerates glue curing

The most suitable lighting specifications: Wavelength 395   power supply 5V

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