0.5-1sec eyelash extension glue with low content of volatile organic compounds ——EG03

  Today I would like to introduce to you one of our popular glues ——EG03.The main features of this glue is that it has low content of volatile organic compounds effectively reducing irritation.The glue has low whitening, quick bonding speed, and strong flexibility at the bonding area after grafting,and more suitable for advanced eyelash extension technicians.

  The shelf life of this product is: 3 months after opening, 6 months after unopening.

  About our production details:The raw materials of our products are all high-quality materials from Japan.  We will carefully clean the packaging materials before filling the glue to ensure that there are no impurities in the bottle.After filling, we will fill the bottle with nitrogen to ensure that the glue will not react with oxygen and water molecules in the air, ensuring the freshness of the glue.

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