Why Choose EGM

EGM Founded in 2016 , EGM factory is a leading supplier of research, development, and production of eyelash extension glue,lash lift and hybrid stain liquid dye without henna.
EGM factory has a world-leading eyelash adhesive research and development laboratory and development capabilities. 


EGM factory is a leading supplier of eyelash extension with 7 years of experience.


EGM factory have Single household factory and dust-free production filling workshop cover an area of land

Exporting products to countries and regions, providing services to various regions


Obtained production license and international certification

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Innovative Eyelash Glue Manufacturer

Help you realize your innovative ideas
We will arrange production as soon as we receive the order to ensure that every bottle of glue you receive is the freshes

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The products are available in more than 170 countries and regions, serving eyelash beauty artists all over the world