Hot-Sale Sample Pack -3 Eyelash Extension Remover

In this package, you can experience three removers with different characteristics
1.Gbl Free Remover
2.Cream Remover
3.Jelly Remover


Why choose our Eyelash Extension Remover Of Cream And Jelly?

We have newly upgraded our Eyelash Extension Remover, which helps you remove Eyelash Extension faster than ever. The formula uses the hypoallergenic ingredient α-bisabolol, which is mild and non-irritating. We are proud to say it is the world’s first cosmetic grade hypoallergenic remover with a cruelty-free formula. The perfect Eyelash Extension Remover formula stays on the lash extensions without seeping into your customers’ eyes. It gently breaks down Eyelash Extension Glue, making Eyelash Extension easy and painless to remove. The excellent Eyelash Extension Remover is simply the ideal solution for customers with sensitive eyes.


Why choose our GBL Free Eyelash Extension Remover ?

We have newly upgraded our Eyelash Extension Remover, The removal of the GBL ingredient, which is restricted by Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and many other countries, is an innovation and breakthrough in raw materials, safer, less irritating, and can achieve eye opening when removed.

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