Eyelash Extension Booster wholesale 50pcs/set


Key FeaturesImprove the grafting efficiency and the strength of false eyelash bonding.

Product Advantages】It is a pre-treatments product for real eyelashes used before grafting. It does not contain alcohol and is non-irritating.

Color transparent liquid



Product principle】Remove the grease and dirt on the real eyelashes (self-grown eyelashes) to achieve a cleaning effect; by softening the real eyelashes and temporarily changing the pH of the real eyelashes, the efficiency of grafting is improved (because the glue is weakly acidic, Booster is weakly alkaline) The pH value is 9.5, when the Booster is applied on the eyelashes, the surface of the eyelashes becomes alkaline, neutralizing the acid and alkali to increase the grafting speed)

Scope of application

  1. It is suitable for customers with oily skin and oily working environment before grafting eyelashes;
  2. It is suitable for the relatively cold and dry grafting environment (in winter or during the seasonal delivery period, there will be cases where the glue is not sticky or sticky. At this time, using this product can speed up the bonding speed of the glue by adjusting the pH).


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