Eyelash Extension Glue Stop

Keep lashes fans from closing up.
Compatible with all lashes adhesives.

Glue  Stop can prevents your lash adhesive from travelling up and closing your lash  fans. It works with all eyelash adhesives!

It  works with all type eyelash extension glue.

Taste selection: original,rose,pear


Did you ever meet this problem? Lash adhesive tends to inch up the shaft of the fan and immediately close it back up, ruining the entire look.

Magic product Glue Stop can solve this problem. This magical liquid stops lash adhesive in its tracks, Keeps lash fans from closing up.

Glue Stop can prevent your lash adhesive from traveling up and closing your lash fans. It works with all eyelash adhesives!

It works with all types of eyelash extension glue.

There  are two methods to use the Glue Stop:

Method  1: Apply it with a brush from the bottom of the lash line (while lashes are still on the glue strip) and then work as you normally would.

Method  2: After the lash fan finishes, Apply it on the stem to prevent the glue from penetrating forward due to the capillary phenomenon.


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