EGM Eyelash Extension Foaming Cleanser Pump

Applicable people:

sensitive skin available
Specifications: 1.7fl.oz/50ml Lash Wash
Shelf life: 12-Months unopen


Shake cleanser for eyelash extensions well each time before dispensing.
Dispense 1-2 pumps onto the head of the brush. Gently pat cleanser evenly along the lash line.
Rinse your eyes thoroughly with water to remove any excess residue from your lash extensions.


◎EGM Eyelash Extension Foaming Cleanser Pump is perfect to use in-salon during a lash service or to send home with your clients.
◎Deeply cleansing: This foaming lash has been formulated specially to remove eyelashes and eye area stains before grafting. Gently rinse away the eyelash grease and cosmetic residue; maintain the adhesion works for up to 6~7 weeks.
◎Home & Salon Use: The eyelash extensions effectively remove oil and dirt build-up on lashes, lid margins, and under-eye area, while at the same time nourishing and revitalizing the lashes and delicate skin around the eyes. Not only will your lashes look like new, but the skin around your eyes will, too.
◎Easy to use: Apply one pump of shampoo onto the cleansing brush, then wipe the eyelid gently until all makeup, dirt, oil, and debris are cleansed away. Rinse the lashes and eyelid with clean water then repeat on the other eye.

Warm Note

◎For external use in the eye area only. ◎Don’t use on extensions earlier than 24 hrs after the service
◎Don’t rub or pull lash extensions
◎Don’t use on broken skin
◎In case of personal sensitivity rinse with water and discontinue the use
◎Keep out of reach of children

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